Every two or three years KALACC hosts a major regional festival attracting up to 3000 people over five days. Arguably these are the largest festivals in Australia dedicated to promoting traditional Aboriginal culture.
These festivals are unique events – the elders call their people to one place so they listen and learn the stories, songs and dances that connect them to the land. They direct evidence of people’s right to live in this country through their corroborees. They make people feel strong and proud.

The festivals provide opportunity for public forums on political, social and cultural issues affecting Aboriginal people, as well as opportunities for youth participation in day-time workshops and performance.

The 2008 KALACC festival Gaadmungungardi was held at the Arnbardah Community (Old Mt Barnett Station) which is located approximately 310km east of Derby on the Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys. The 2005 KALACC festival Majarrka was held at the Ngumpan Community. Both of these festivals brought together people from all over the Kimberley region.

“Every time we have a festival it brings all the Aboriginal people together…the dancing and singing and corroborees, allim different, but the land is still important to us and the language and our Law and Culture was really strong. Still is today.”
Ivan McPhee, Walmajarri, 2004 (deceased)

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