Culture & Traditions

In the Kimberley, Aboriginal art and culture have been maintained for over 20,000 years.
KALACC has cooperated with many communities and organisations to produce artistic works, tours and events to help maintain Aboriginal art and culture. KALACC’s Annual Artistic Plan sets out to fulfill KALACC’s mission:
“To assist and promote ceremonies, songs and dance of the Kimberley Aboriginal people, to encourage and strengthen their social, cultural and legal values and ensure their traditions a place in Australian Society”
The mission will be fulfilled through five strategies:
1. Law Time – Ceremonies, Tradition, Repatriation activities and the maintenance of Authentic Kimberley Aboriginal Culture
2. Cross Generational Programs, especially the Yiriman Project
3. Cultural Performance (from major Festivals to small, local events)
4. Cultural Employment (pathways in creative industries and in the cultural economy)
5. Cultural Governance, Cultural Awareness and Advocacy (Promoting Indigenous culture to community and government and strengthening culturally based leadership)
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