KALACC wishes to acknowledge and thank the corporate partners who enable us to maintain our operations and to provide the range of services which we do. In particular, we wish to thank the following agencies, with which we have multi year agreements in place:

Commonwealth Government:
Office of the Arts
Department of Health and Aging
Attorney General
Australia Council for the Arts

State Government:
Department of Aboriginal Affairs
Department of Culture and the Arts
Department of Community Development
Department of Child Protection and Family Support








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John T Reid Charitable Trust

KALACC is registered with the Australian Taxation office as a charity. The ATO recognizes KALACC as being a Deductible Gift Recipient, a


Public Benevolent Institution and an income tax exempt not for profit entity. We also recognize our research partnerships with the following institutions:

Murdoch University
Nulungu Research Institute
University of Woolongong


Sister Organisations

KALACC has a shared history spanning 30 years with the Kimberley Land Council and the Kimberley Language Resource Centre. The three organisations are working together to develop and implement a Kimberley Regional Partnership Agreement. In addition, KALACC works in partnership with other cultural organisations to deliver artistic outcomes. In particular, we have close working relationships with Magabala Books, Mangkaja Arts and the Mowanjum Art Centre.






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