“To assist and promote the ceremonies, songs and dance of Kimberley Aboriginal people, to encourage and strengthen their social, cultural and legal values and ensure their traditions a place in Australian society.”


1To recognise, and to encourage the recognition in the wider Australian society of, the existence of individual Aboriginal tribal groups which claims rights of exclusive or joint ownership of, and control over, their own traditional forms of cultural expression, including songs, dances, ceremonies and cultural heritage;
2To encourage and promote the rescue, maintenance and development of the traditional forms of Aboriginal cultural expression, including songs, dance, ceremonies and related activities of their people;
3To help provide instruction for young Aboriginal people in the traditional arts, ceremonies, and related activities of their people;
4To organise performances, tours, exhibitions and other demonstrations of traditional forms of Aboriginal cultural expression;
5To provide protection and education for Aboriginal groups and individuals in matters pertaining to copyright and cultural heritage matters;
6To promote acknowledgement of and respect for Aboriginal culture within the greater community

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