KALACC is the Kimberley Region’s Peak Indigenous Law and Culture Centre.

Based in Fitzroy Crossing, we support the traditional cultural practices of the 30 language groups of the Kimberley Region. Incorporated in 1985, KALACC has a proud history of advocating for culturally based self – determination for the Kimberley.

Supporting the 30 Aboriginal language groups of the Kimberley is our cultural maintenance mission. KALACC encourages the participation of these groups in song, story and dance, as they keep their culture strong through sharing their knowledge with people through performance and through cultural practices.

KALACC has strong organizational links with the Kimberley Land Council and with the Kimberley Language Resource Centre.

KALACC has published a major work titled New Legend, a Story of Law and Culture and the Fight for Self Determination in the Kimberley. Those wishing to know more about KALACC and about the cultures of the Kimberley region, can contact KALACC to purchase this book.

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