KALACC is committed to the mentoring of younger people through both its programs and staffing policies.

Youth Projects
KALACC acknowledges that as a living dynamic culture all age groups must have a place, and that cross-generational interaction is essential to future development of the region.
In the Fitzroy Valley KALACC operates a unique youth program funded by the Department of Community Development, Western Australia, which targets Aboriginal youth at risk by involving them in culturally based activities. The wide range of programs include ceramics, painting, oral history projects, traditional bush skills and camps as well as supporting cultural exchange programs.
In addition, KALACC developed and still provides ongoing support to the Yiriman Project, a youth project servicing four Kimberly language groups, Nyikina, Mangala, Karajarri and Walmajarri and we seek to support culturally based education outcomes.

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