KALACC recognises that other art organisations’ festivals and other activities represent an opportunity for Kimberley Aboriginal artist participation.

The ongoing maintenance of relationships with these bodies is an important part of KALACC’s work. We work with Aboriginal arts organisations, regionally and nationally, on projects to highlight and encourage artistic practice.

KALACC has assisted the Bardi Dancers to perform in Korea, England and the United States of America and we have assisted Karrajarri Dancers to perform in France.

Ngurra Kuju Walyja — One Country One People — The Canning Stock Route Project tells an intercultural and intergenerational story of community, collaboration and reconciliation. Initiated by FORM in 2006, the Project asks audiences to get to know the artists, and learn from their stories and aspirations, to explore the cultural diversity of Aboriginal communities and their interconnections with each other and their Country and their part in a greater Australian story. KALACC was involved in the Canning Stock Route Project from the outset through to its completion in 2013 and was involved in the processes of repatriating material back to community at the end of the project.

Aboriginal people and their culture are critical to the future of our State. Their unique knowledge is the defining element in building a sustainable future for Western Australia. [Indigenous Implementation Board, 15th May 2009]

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