“Our old people are our government. Kartiya (non-Aboriginal) is a different way, they vote a new government everyday. The old people here are our decision makers.”

Elder at Wire Yard meeting, 1995
KALACC was established by the Kimberley Aboriginal people in 1984 at a Kimberley Land Council meeting at Crocodile Hole, near Warmun. At that meeting the Elders decided that they wanted another organisation dedicated to the revival and maintenance of language and so the Kimberley Language Resource Centre was also born. Many of our Executive and members have been with us from the start. KALACC was incorporated in 1985.

Originally it was based in Broome but in early 1994 the office was moved to Fitzroy Crossing. The Executive felt Fitzroy Crossing had a strong cultural base and was more central for the members than Broome. KALACC is now the peak body for Law and Culture. It exists specifically to develop, promote and maintain Indigenous Law and Culture in a holistic way.

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